Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rightwing Extremists not into Extreme

A recent report conducted by Independent Pollster Dudes found that rightwing extremist are not into all things "extreme."Among the results only 32% of those polled enjoyed the 80's rock group Extreme, 15% enjoyed watching X Games like sports while only 2% had watched one episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and teared up.

The report which also included results about diet, leisure activities and art. The information gathered in those categories were inconclusive with answers ranging from "socialism promotes art", "lighting tires and burning fires" to " the only diet I need is a good burger and the ammunition for my shotguns."

I.P.D.'s Chief Executive, Maia Poll concluded that although rightwing extremists hold what are considered "extreme" views, they normally do not partake in anything with the name extreme in it. "It is conclusive that the conclusions I concluded conclude that rightwing extremists are bat sh*t crazy. They mentioned Jebus, guns and socialism a lot and are certain someone is out take their freedom and guns. Oh and Extreme was a bunch of gays."

Extreme, the band, was not available for comment. XGames released the following statement "Phew, thought it was going to be much worse, cowabunga dudes."

The I.P.D. is a non-profit profiteering group of hip nuns.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.