Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's fuggin cold in Chicago while waiting for the train this morning my Red Eye nearly was ripped out of my hands by mother nature. Man, gotta love April. APRIL! Are you kidding me? The end of APRIL! RAAAGGE!!! I am so mad I might pop a vein like a liberal blogger reading a torture memo. At least the Hawks put out the Flames.

Your morning highlights:

Alan Grayson is a good man Charlie Brown.

Mom, Dad I broke the world WORST world record

To confirm people now, we need Swine Flu...welcome to Wingnuttia.

I wonder why she canceled the wedding? Perhaps the fact he is now called the Craigslist Killer?

Jason Campbell has had four offenses
, FOUR, and nearly as many coaches, yet for some reason that brain dud that is Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder went shopping for a quarterback. Wonder why the kid is in shock? Perhaps we could give him a second season with the same personnel and then see how it pans out? Terrible management.

And local funny, Hannibal Buress on Craig Ferguson (video is old I know, but still classic)


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