Monday, April 20, 2009

Iran's President booed for using old Lisa Lampanelli Jokes

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad incited a walkout at the UN racism conference today. He was noted by many onlookers as using "hack" jokes regarding the Jewish community and Israelis.

Ahmadinejad opened with this jewel,"Q: What did the waiter ask the group of dining Jewish mothers? A: 'Is ANYTHING all right?" The crowd threw clown noses in his direction and boo bricks. The boo bricks were a new addition to the racism conference to allow onlookers and participants to heckle speakers for boring rhetoric or being white apologists. The crowd, however got rowdy when Ahmadinejad began giving an Islamic prayer while inserting "Jews are cheap and Jews smell" after every line.

The walkout included 40 various diplomats who had heard enough from Ahmadinejad, who also was using recycled Lisa Lampanelli jokes. Including an off hand comment that had most befuddled "Hitler got more laughs than Ehud Olmert, and he did it without Jewish writers." He then proceed to call all Jews a bunch of witches who are racists adding "the 7:30 show is totally different than the 10:30 show, always tip your waitress."

No word on who will be the opening act for Ahmadinejad at the 10:30 show.

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