Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain for your Work Day

Oh the fun of YouTube, the Weather in Chicago continues to be awful, but the long week is close to the end and the show must go on. I believe from now on I will wear a wet suit to work during the month of April.

Get your Dunkin' here are today's highlights:

Hate crimes are real and Congress shouldn't even debate the issue. Oh wait, but calling a person a "fag" isn't a hate crime, it's proof of Jebus's word.

I am rooting for the Pacman

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Anita Bryant 2009

Five Thirty Eight, Party of No-body?

Driftglass responds to a reader about Andrew Sullivan, it's a must read.

Byron York thinks blacks, African-Americans and the others, they all don't really count. In summation of the read "Only white people have an education, a right to vote and understand policy not the blackie. " Why don't these racists just come out and proclaim their segregationist tendencies? Then at least we can get the elephant out of the room. Chris Rock gives his take. (fast forward to 1:45)

Condee conjures up Nixon and adds, "by the way I didn't authorize anything," translation "I have a get out of jail free card, I swear G-Dub said so, he promised!!" Where's Jack Ryan when we need him?


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