Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still Cold Outside, Why Baby?

It's apparent Chicago actually is pro-torture (oh no I did not it's the dreadful "pro"), as it is supposed to rain and continue to be fuggin cold here. I am Cantonese for jebus sake, I am the equivalent of Larry the Cable Guy, but Chinese! Warm up already. At least I got to enjoy a good brew or two or three on a Tuesday night, I suggest it to all.

Get your Dunkin Donuts out people, early morning highlights:


Because having babies fixes everything....

First 100 days of bias and uninformed reporting

I never wanted an Iphone till now, I am going to get the orange wedge, then the pink wedge, then do the Trivial Pursuit Dance all over your FACE...too early? Never.

Patient Zero for Swine Flu is a five year old boy...must be a conspiracy, I mean kids never get sick and he is not an immigrant and and and ILLEGALS AND OBAMA!!!!

And for your belly of laughs, Sean Flannery, Chicago Comic and host of the Visitor's Locker Room


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