Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Wow Chicago

Monday and more rain and mugginess. I know April is supposed to mean showers, but not fall weather temperatures. Great weekend though and here are the highlights.

Japanese screamo band FACT totally rock and wear scary masks. Unfortunately they were just injured in an accident on their first US tour and went back to Japan to recover. All the best to FACT.

The lady friend and I went to the Cubs game on Saturday. Amazing.

John Boehner still stupid.

the MMA will always be second to Boxing with a CEO who doesn't appreciate the "science" and "craft" of his fighters. Styles make fights.

Napolitano clarifies the DHS report on rightwing extremists and veterans.

Krugman on Ireland and us.

And welcome back to blogging Padraig, A Moveable Feasta.



Paddy K said...

You might be interested in a response to Paul Krugman's Ireland article.

Paddy K said...

Which is here: