Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Warriors

So yesterday I got a job! I'm super excited and ridiculously relieved, hopefully it allows me the schedule to audition on the regular as well. In this market with all that is going on, I'm lucky.

We are going out tonight for our first real L.A. club experience. I don't know how I feel about it, but the lady has to go (it's work related) and I'm a bad-ass wingman. If there's fist-pumping I'm down. Fist-pumping and $12 gin and tonics...I definitely miss Chicago in that regard. To have a good time I don't have to look like JT every night and play loud droning techno, know what I mean? You feel me?! (Have no clue why I went Samuel L there)

As for the god awful situation in Congress, this by BooMan is how I'm feeling, This Weekend Was Always Coming. Also too, I lose followers everyday on Twitter for various reasons, Obama lost Twitter follows solely for using it...or something. Stop the stupid and call your Congressmen. The fact that Obama used Twitter doesn't make him a weaker president or whatever b.s. narrative floated around since before he was elected. Yes he should have gone to it early, no it won't make a difference. Why? We're dealing with sociopaths. They want to set the place aflame, watch it burn and piss on the ashes.

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