Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Last night I attended a comedy show to see a couple of Chicago comedy buddies perform. After the show I was able to catch up, meet some new people and chat. It was exactly what I needed. This town business wise is still difficult to figure out. Granted I've only been here a month, but there is so much that is unfamiliar. It could be the local greenery is palm trees. It could be the weather is nice pretty much every day. It could be that it's LA and it's cut from an entirely different cloth. Regardless it was nice to see polished comedians on a side stage of a well-known club and each one brought their own style and comedy. Hat tip to the the Ayers sisters who pulled off a crisp showcase, if you live in the area I definitely recommend going to the Mixer at the Improv Lab.

Here are your highlights:

Time to Declare Victory

Blogger Juan Cole, wants to know WTF the government has on him

Afghan president buries assassinated brother

Speaking of comedy check out the very funny site, Karma Lampoon

Developing: Explosions in Mumbai

There is inner turmoil and what may be disarray in the Republican leadership. Cantor and Boehner are not in a healthy relationship and McConnell doesn't want to fight. Regardless what they've been playing with has been stupid and reckless. Dare I say unpatriotic.


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