Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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If anyone out there has any jobs leads let me know! I need to get to a worka (see I write English good too). Last night was great, got lost in LA and caught the last half of Jamie Kilstein's show and then I met up with an old friend in Silver Lake. Silver Lake which to you Chicago peeps is like the Wicker Park of LA. Creepily familiar. Same hipsters. Same music. And same "don't look at me" attitude. It was surreal, where's my organic vegan coffee shop?! Probably going to hit up another comedy show tonight, see some old Chicago throwback comedians. Ahem, it's perfect outside yet again (no I'm not over this weather yet).

Here are your highlights:

Watch Live the News Corps hearings starring Rupert Murdoch!

Ummm take a trip down the crazy coaster, Bachmann predicted End of Days?

Yes in these times deregulation is what we need *Headslamondesk

Krugman on Scribblers and Madmen

Dems embrace Reagan

It has happened! SCIENCE WINS!!

Wish I was going, but bring me back some schweet schwag friends, Comic Con 2011


Update: Yes, I'm now aware I skipped a whole day. *Headslamondesk

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