Monday, March 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Mistakes Stimulus as Erectile Dysfunction Pill

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In Alaska politics are taking precedent as people are upset with Governor Sarah Palin’s rejection of her state’s share of the stimulus money. Palin said she wanted nothing to do with the stimulus package and found it to be of no use to Alaska.

Look at our boys here! My daughter was gosh golly gee knocked up by a young man. We don’t need stimulus packages, as long as they got a hockey jersey we got baby makers!”

It has taken nearly a week for aides to Governor Palin to explain that the stimulus package is not a new form of Viagra, but she refuses to retain the information of terrorists. A confident leader Palin is excited to support American values and take care of Alaska.

“Anybody wants to go wolf-huntin’ from a helicopter?” she said inciting a riot of a local moose appreciation club. It is unclear whether Palin will eventually accept the stimulus funds when she discovers what they actual represent for her state. Time will only tell.

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