Monday, July 11, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(Congrats to the US Women pulling off an amazing win against Brazil)

I'm baaaaack! What a trip. Note to self don't schedule anything the day after you return from a weekly cross-country bash. The Outer Banks was fantastic. Beaches, the ocean, that sticky Southern humidity and family. The bride and the groom got hitched and we partied like only our family does. I hadn't been back to the OBX in 11 years and it was the first time for my lady. It's safe to say we're going back. I'm toats exhausted, however, so probably a bad idea to attend an Acting Workshop today. Oh well, if my lady is working today, I'm working today.

Here are your highlights:

McConnell says it again, they want to destroy the Obama presidency. Why oh why does our press corps take this sociopaths seriously?

Is it war anymore...if it's all done with drones?

Reminder we missed the deadline for the debt ceiling already

Damn, it was fun while it lasted. Yao Ming to retire

Those pissed off Red States are only mad at themselves
. P.S. Gubbament Money

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop it now. Firebagger Insanity of the Day. Barack Obama WORST EVERRRRR. Dear Emo Progressive, You are Not Helping. Stop, before our democracy gets hurt!


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