Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

(this video made me laugh,"Home of Baywatch")

We're going beachin. Today is Friday and that's awesome. I'm working on a couple of things and then doing daily errands before our trip to North Carolina. My cousin is getting married in the Outer Banks, so we decided to make a big family vacation out of it. It's crazy with the move and everything I had completely forgot it was Fourth of July weekend...why do I hate America so much?! Fireworks here we come. Last night I was up quite late writing. I'm a night writer for sure. There's a calm to it that I prefer. This move has really ignited my creative juices as cliche as it may sound and that is all I can ask for.

Here are your highlights:

California gets a budget

Please leave, Tim Geithner considering resigning after debt-limit talks

About that Justice Prosser temper...

Kind of excited about this, Hot Water Music to release a new album

Mr. Incredible not so incredible

Minnesota, wtf?! My only hope is that this is a test run for the trainwreck the Republicans want in Congress...maybe they'll realize 1994 was bad news for them. Nope, who am I kidding, they hate the uppity president too much! If you noticed, Bush when he was being forceful was brave and presidential, Obama is an angry black man. Minority outreach GOP keep it up!


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