Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Looking for a job in America is tough. Especially in this town. I'm on a mission folks.

Here are your highlights:

Minnesota Bars Running Out of Beer Due to Gov't Shutdown

Wonder why Fox isn't covering the Murdoch scandal

Breakfast at Tiffany's protest debate, my take anyone can protest anything they want to and an open discussion about race and movies after the film should occur for attendees.

CARMAGEDDON!!!! JetBlue offering $4 flights

NFC EAST future stars, Orapko!

Eric Cantor is not negotiating in good faith
. The Dem leadership is now outright saying it. Cantor says he's simply do the will of his caucus. Too bad, the House GOP isn't even in line with Republican voters. Don't they work for somebody...oh that's right the people. Cantor might be nosediving his career as we speak.


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