Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday - Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Episode 8

And we're back! After a two-month hiatus due to a cross-country move by Frank and various scheduling conflicts -- damn you, time zones!!! -- we bring you more rage-tastic banter on drinks and tunes. No politics this week as both Frank and Paddy are burned out on the non-movement and broken systems in which they live. Drinks and music are helping ease the pain! Frank discusses Death's Door distillery and the art of sipping -- yes, sipping -- a pint into which you've just dropped a shot of liquor or coffee. No high-fives, no pounding the Jaegerbombs. Paddy talks beer tourism in London and discovers an excellent IPA from Buxton called Axe Edge and then moves on to another one of Cooley Distillery's revival whiskeys, Connemara Peated Single Malt -- smokey! Moving right along to music, the dudes discuss new tunes from Panda Bear, August Burns Red, Touché Amoré and Bon Iver. All this and more in episode 8 of the Trans-Atlantic (and Continental) Throwdown!

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