Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

(Congrats to those representin Chicago in the Just for Laughs Festival)

Well through some networking I have my first official sit down for an audition today. It's not ideal, but should be fun. Of the various forms of advice I've received before and since landing in Cali, one stood out to me, "say yes." At this point, I'm nobody, nothing, not a blip on the screen and so in the beginning, I'll have to audition and set up meetings for gigs I never would think of, such is the case today. I'm excited. Never been to a studio. Never sat down with producers and the like, yup I'm green in this here city, but with time I'll be another old, craggity, seasoned actor. We are planning on visiting San Diego this weekend. The lady's parents are meeting business partners they have the car. CAR COME TO FRANK! Once the car is here I can start this whole plan in motion, LA needs real public transit for realz.

Here are your highlights:

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Riots in the streets of Greece

Debt negotiators focusing on Medicaid, hurting children is a-okay as long as we have tax cuts for the spoiled and privileged!

Dems still don't get scandals, Weiner to resign

10 Of The Craziest Things Michele Bachmann Has Ever Said


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