Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newt My Problem

It seems the Newt's presidential bid is imploding from within. Ole Newt didn't want to do the actual work to be president. How presidential!

Greg Sargent is shrill:

All these lemmings, clearly, were unable to grasp that his candidacy was something historic; something profoundly transformative; even something Messianic. Imprisoned by their inability to comprehend that the force of Newt’s ideas alone would be enough to propel his candidacy, they walked.

Of course, you really can’t fault Newt for seeing things this way. Commentators and Republicans have been telling him that he’s one of the GOP’s intellectual deities for at least a decade now. Why wouldn’t he believe them?

In all seriousness, it has been plainly obvious from the start that Newt never had any intention of running a real presidential campaign, and that the whole thing was an exercise in Messianism. Why is anyone even surprised by any of this?

Somehow Newt will most likely gain more credibility amongst the Village, he always does...

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