Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm starting to get anxious. We're going to San Diego for the weekend to meet my lady's parents and pick up the car. Once the car gets here I can start sending out packets to agents and looking for part-time work. I thinking promotions or production work, strictly for the flexible schedule. I'd like to be able to leave on a dime if I get an audition. I've got my reel almost done, still waiting on some last minute footage and my voice over reel is set. So I'm ready to go, but I know deep down this is a long long long process. I just have to be patient.

Here are your highlights:

A functioning country is what's "Politically Impossible"

Wait, he wants to "boost the ecomomy"?!!! Obama is a socialist!!!


First Listen, Yacht

The saddest thing about the GOP presidential debates last night, Michele Bachmann looked like one of the sane ones...not really...but that's not good enough to win.


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