Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

We're back with a car! Success! After a 3 hour train ride to San Diego, a weekend in the sunny and chill town and then a traffic filled ride back. We have a car. FINALLY! I can now start sending out my resume and hopefully I'll get work...please god daddy needs a new pair of shoes...we have guests all week so today is my real last day to get a ton of work done. Wish me luck!

Here are your highlights:

Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace Sunday Talk, great debate and amazing revelations by Stewart

Welp, John McCain has officially turned into your crotchety racist neighbor

Same-sex marriage in New York on the wire

Culture of Real Corruption, Clarence Thomas

Boxing Weekend Review

Representation...not really happening in Congress these days. 68% of staffers are men, 93% are white


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