Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Thursday is here, man time is flying. I'm busy now unpacking and hunkered down working on getting my stuff together. Also too, acting connections and such. I finally received some footage of the most recent project I worked on in's fuggin amazing! I can't wait to share it with peeps. And maybe if you're lucky I'll share it with all of you...maybe. I've been mulling over since moving out to Cali whether or not to remain "anonymous." For some of you, I'm not and for some you, you know me strictly on teh internets. I started this anonymously to protect family members, future family members and to keep my professional ties, well professional. As time has moved on, I've become torn especially now since I've relocated to LA. It may hurt, it may help. As you can tell, I'm simply just sounding off. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcomed!

Here are your highlights:

Which country spends the most on its military?

Umm good luck with that, I guess, the "UnCollege" movement

AFL-CIO push recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren

The GREAT, COURAGEOUS, SAVIOR Paul Ryan says not raising the debt ceiling is no big deal

Koch goes

Congrats to the immensely talented TNC who is now a columnist for the New York Times. His first installment is a brilliant/nerdy/heart-felt piece "You Left Out the Part About..."


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