Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Guests! We have so many! The lady's parents are in town and now one of her friends from college. We're playing host all week. Unfortunately she has to work, so mostly we chill at night get a bite to eat and what not. It's all in all a grand time. We really do enjoy company this early in our Santa Monica lives. Makes the transition seem easier. I think we're still adjusting, even the most simple of actions such as grocery shopping seem foreign. I'm sure we'll find our spots. It all takes time.

Here are your highlights:

The Republicans want to cause more economic pain for political gain

No apology needed, Jon Stewart was right about Fox viewers

Let Her Fade Away

A poll the White House and Obama should be paying attention to, 44% of Americans Worse Off

Some Sweet DC kicks

California Lawmakers Won't Get Paid Until Budget Is Balanced - led by California Comptroller John Chiang who is simply following the demand of voters. Enough with the hijinx they say!!


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