Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wisconsin Justice and Wanksta of the Year Nominee- Moe Lane

Hand wringing a woman's neck?


Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is now publicly accusing her fellow justice, David Prosser, of putting her in a "chokehold" in her chambers in the presence of other justices during heated discussions over the controversial state law that limited the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

Bradley's accusation came after a local news report yesterday first revealed details of the incident, which allegedly happened two weeks ago. Neither Bradley, a liberal jurist, nor Prosser, a conservative, would comment for the original story. Prosser has also now issued a statement denying the allegation.

There's a lot of hazy information out there, but leave it to RedState to keep it classy.

The award for "blame the victim" goes to...MOE LANE!!

Moe "Lady's First" Lane:

It was first reported that Prosser put Bradley in a choke-hold – whereupon most of the Online Left dropped their pants and started typing blissfully angry screeds about how the crime of one Supreme Court Justice attacking another Supreme Court Justice could only be made right with an immediate resignation – only to have it later come out that other reports had it that Bradley had actually charged Prosser with fists raised, and that Prosser was merely defending himself against a larger and younger opponent. Complicating all of this is the minor detail that no charges were apparently filed*, and Bradley has only now come out with a rather belated claim accusing Prosser of the choking, while not explaining why she is not pursuing a criminal case. Which is very possibly due to the fact that there’s at least one witness apparently who told Bradley at the time that no, she had not been choked.

Note, by the way, that all of the people involved – participants and witnesses – are Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices. You’re going to see some fascinating dissents from these people for the next few years.

Congrats on being the douchenugget who fails miserably trying to justify a man putting his hands around a woman's neck! You see, Bradley is "larger", so she had it coming. Get it, you don't get it? Well it's because it's an unfair fight; it's the frail, misogynistic and abusive old man versus the larger, younger, Leftist liberal! Judge Battle Royale! Ohhh and Moe had to add how "fascinating dissents" will play out for years to come! Aside from attempting to downplay the serious allegation of a justice with a history of anger issues attacking a fellow justice, we get WWE like justice throw downs in Wisconsin. WHAT AN IDEA MOE! FASCINATING! Can't wait for the ladder match where justices climb to decide who gets the pain; teachers or teachers AND STUDENTS?!

There you have it, Wanksta of the Year nominee, Moe Lane, folks.

Just to put the cherry on stop, Moe wants to remind you; if you threaten a woman and attack her...well she had it coming...or something...also too, Lefties are always wrong:

In this scenario, both sides have valid reasons for keeping their mouths shut: the Left doesn’t want to lose one of its judges (which, by the way, groups ThinkProgress and Talking Points Memo will absolutely have to call for, if it turns out that Bradley attacked first), and the Right doesn’t want to have to explain why one of their judges didn’t just sit there and let himself get hit by a woman (yes, in fact, that would be an issue).

Is it me or does Moe think choking a woman is All-American? In the dark and twisted fantasy of Moe's paramecium brain, he can, to apply his own words, use "uncorroborated anonymous reports to vicariously convict" Bradley of attacking first and call foul for Lefties being huffy and puffy if a man CHOKES A WOMAN! (Moe's fantasy goes like this, Bradley flailed and judge Prosser defended himself boldly by putting his hands around Bradley's neck. Self-defense for bargaining rights!) Real freedom, real equality you see involves a man's ability to choke a liberal "large" female justice *hackspit Uhmerika! IT'S HOW THE FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD HAVE WANTED IT! At least Moe admits Prosser is one of the Right's judges. Nice standards you got there, Moe. Wanksta.

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Update: Minor, but forgot to add "bolding by me", but I'm sure you already figured that out by now as you're smart people.


Batocchio said...

But Frank, if she's a liberal, clearly she had it coming! Jeez!

I have heard Moe Lane was once sane and reasonable, but I have yet to see evidence of this.

Steve M. said...

You see, Bradley is "larger"

Actually, all you learn from the link is that Ann Althouse thinks Bradley is larger:

People may assume that the man is larger than the woman, but — from what I have heard — Bradley is significantly larger than Prosser.

And as for Bradley being younger, that's true, but she's about to turn 61, for crissake, and he's 68. It's not as if she's Wonder Woman and he's Grandpa Simpson

KingCranky II said...

From Lane's drivel

".....and Bradley has only now come out with a rather belated claim accusing Prosser of the choking, while not explaining why she is not pursuing a criminal case."

Last I checked, it's not Bradley's choice regarding whether a criminal case is pursued, that's up to the cops and the prosecutors.

Asian-American Pundit said...


That's the impression I got. Liberal women "ask to be assaulted." I don't know Moe and I too heard he was once reasonable,but I'm with you haven't seen any evidence.

Asian-American Pundit said...

@Steve M.

LOL, yes I saw that too. Moe stated "defending himself against a larger and younger opponent." So that's what I was mocking. Great comic to animation reference! I might use that myself next time.

Asian-American Pundit said...

@King Cranky II

Who was the first Cranky? LOL. Yeah I don't think Lane is much of teh scholarly type. You and your technicalities would confuse him!

Thanks for stopping by!