Friday, June 10, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Last night was good times as I made chicken tacos for Paddy K's younger brother (I'd say little but the guy is over 6'5"), we shared stories, music, watched the last episode of the Walking Dead and enjoyed a martini or two. I did, however, wake up this morning exhausted, so in my unemployed world it made ideal sense to sleep in. Hence the late Dunkin, this weekend the lady and I will be organizing our last bit of stuff. We have visitors coming next week (already?!) YES! This of course means, we'll probably be painting hanging stuff up and mellowing out to Bon Iver.

Here are your highlights:

Lieberman "Wanksta 4 Life" kindly STFU about Medicare

A relic of the past, Soviet Superplane that got the CIA's panties in a twist

Weiner showing some testicular fortitude (couldn't help myself)

NBA FINALS, Where.Is.Lebron?

Interview of blog buddy, Byron of BigWOWO over at 8Asians

Dear White House, You'll lose not because of the deficit, but because of the lack of jobs. It's always been about the economy, no matter how many Bin Laden's you kill.

Chow !

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