Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I'm lost in my days. Honestly. I woke up today and had no idea it was already June 15th! I've been so caught up trying to get ready to find work and make connections that I haven't taken the time to look at the calendar. I made probably my final "home sweet home" purchase and got Apple TV. Thus far it's already been an amazing investment. We've listened to music, podcasts and tv shows from my computer. Thanks to Sterno for the recommendation. Now if only I could get the antenna I bought from Radio Shack to bring in basic channels. Anyone know how to get it to work...maybe not buy stuff from Radio Shack?!

Here are your highlights:

Represent Chicago Drinking Liberally! Netroots Nation kicks off tomorrow

The Media Can't Report the Facts

Win for teh gay

Payroll tax cut, used to be a bipartisan thing, what's bipartisan anymore? Nothing

Sometimes Floyd Mayweather isn't as bad as people say

Miserable Failures
, news flash the banksters blew up a stable economy, yet those are the guys still sitting fancy.


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