Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Others Shot

Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, Huffington Post and many more have updates. A federal judge John M. Roll has been killed many others are injured or in critical condition.

AP reports the shooter has been identified:

People familiar with the investigation tell The Associated Press that the gunman held in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and others has been identified as Jared Laughner.

Little information is known immediately about Laughner — such as his background or a possible motive in the attack.

U.S. officials who provided his name to the AP spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release it publicly.

Thoughts and prayers with the victims' families. More to come once I hear more, we've known for some time this could be a possibility, doesn't make it less tragic.

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Update: I want to clarify, it's too soon to be throwing stones. There's a lot going around about this guy, don't know if a clear picture will ever appear. One thing is for sure, till we realize we have a problem with rhetoric in this country (one side continually ramps it up) and that language has consequences, we will never be unified or able to have honest dialogue. Murder is the most base of evil in our society. That doesn't need a party affiliation to be rejected and condemned. More info here.


MojoRider said...

yeah, i've been watching the news on this since the story broke.

it's too early to tell if this was politically motivated. if it is, then Beck and Limbaugh and Palin have blood on their hands. they encourage and incite with their demagoguery. Especially with Palin's rhetoric about "reload". Assholes.

I hope the Congresswoman and all others who were injured pull thru.

Anonymous said...

This is apparently the guys Youtube Account... it hasn't been told as his "actual page" but lots of people are saying it is.

It was totally politically motivated! Why else would this dude just so happen to show up to a politcal rally and just shoot a congress woman and judges and even a kid!

Was the safeway having a sale that he couldn't wait to get in the store?

Asian-American Pundit said...

I agree with both of you. It's too early to tell what kind of head case this guy was, but on the other hand this was a targeted group of politicians and people. The YouTube page, it's hard to gather what he is talking about...expect gold and silver.

Regardless it is a horrible tragedy. One side of the political spectrum continually uses unacceptable rhetoric and needs to ramp it down significantly. "Death Panels", "Targeting", "Eliminating" such messaging is not needed in America. It is beginning to look a lot like the 90's.

I hope she makes it out okay. Arizona will forever be scarred by this abhorrent event.