Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who The...?

Fugg watches the rebuttal? After the shellacking Huckleberry Jindal received, why would anyone dare to embarrass themselves on the national stage like that? And yes I don't think many people tune into the rebuttal. It is normally weak and nobody likes watching the equivalent of a child's "nuh-uh."

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Paddy K said...

Seriously, Frank? I watch the rebuttal. Every. Year. Why? Because you don't really know your own position until you've taken time to hear and understand the other side's position. Painful as the rebuttal tends to be, it's worth watching, IMHO.

Speaking of annoying Huckleberries delivering painfully cutesy rebuttals, remember Governor Kaine in Bush's second term? If he'd said "There's a better way" one more time...

Asian-American Pundit said...

LOL! No one really "watches" the rebuttal except for those on the rebuttals side. Yes we "watched" it last night, but I could have written Ryan's speech in my sleep. Bachmann's well that was...special.

If your own position is somehow better known by hearing a SOTU rebuttal, well then you didn't have a position in the first place. IMHO. In general your statement makes perfect sense, but these are theatrics not genuine debates.

As for Kaine he was awful, is still awful and I can't stand his smugness. Not so much Huckleberry as poozer.

Paddy K said...

I think your assessment could be applied to the SOTU itself, so why bother with any of it? It's all theatrics so let's save ourselves the time and money.

I think you're over-simplifying. Just as what the POTUS adresses in the SOTU and what he doesn't matters as an indication of where the country is going in the coming year(s) and for understanding the overall vision of the administration, the rebuttal can also give an indication of what the opposition is focussed on and what they are not. For tuned-in folks like you, this is nothing new (because you and I are obsessed with this stuff) but you never know when either can shock you, either positively or negatively.

My position wasn't better known by watching the rebuttal... I was genuinely curious what they'd do with that time. They did, as expected, use it to trot out the same stuff we've heard over the last year, but you never know.

Paddy K said...

Let me be clear [Obama voice], "my position" (as in my opinions) didn't change as a result of watching the rebuttal but having viewed it and paid attention, I know what the party I prefer (at this point in time) is up against in terms of priorities and focus in the coming year.

I guess what I'm saying, in a very convoluted way, is that I think it's best to stay open-minded and keep checking out what the "other side" is saying rather than assuming at every turn that they have nothing to offer.

Asian-American Pundit said...

But they do have nothing to offer : )