Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

What a long week. The lady and I are excited to take this weekend chilling...for the most part. Tonight will be a pork chops and brussel sprouts w/bacon kind of night. I'm thinking some kind of dijon sauce...mmm my mouth is watering already. Saturday is Fight Night! I have to find some nearby bar to watch the Bradley v. Alexander fight. It isn't often two young champs decide to throw it down in one of the deepest divisions. I'm hoping for a good scrap. Other than that not much which after a busy past weekend and week, I'm quite alright with.

Here are your highlights:

Emanuel on the Ballot

Growth is growth, real GDP up 3.2%


When Political Ideology is Religion

Still a crisis, still escalating. Egypt in disarray

With new members in the GOP Senate and House we're beginning to find out how right wing they really are...Fear the Brown People is in full swing. For Constitution lovers these guys really have a distaste for the Constitution. Arizona is a lesson in how bad it can really get state to state. It would be nice if someone acted like a grown up in the Republican Party...I don't see that someone emerging anytime soon.


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