Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bear Down

Hoping the home team fares better than my picks from yesterday. Damn the Packers and Steelers, two of my least favorite teams in the NFL.

Raves- Steelers: The second half was a complete FLACCO FAIL. Yes, there were two drops, but two drops doesn't negate a terrible game; fumble, interception, 16/30 125 yds and wilting at the end of the game. Wasn't this kid known for his arm? He threw weak passes until the fourth down ball to TJ and that ball arrived late. He didn't show me he had the mettle to be a top quarterback in the league AND I'm tired of commentators protecting quarterbacks reputations. The kid didn't play well all game. Just say it. Total meltdown by the D as well on the 3 and 17. Great helmet catch!

Falcons- Packers: The Packers have the swagger they'd been missing for most of the year. They were an early pick by some to go to the Super Bowl. Now that Rodgers is healthy, It wasn't even close. I've never seen a playoff stadium empty so fast.

As for the home team
, I think the game will be closer than I'd like. The Seahawks pose a lot of match up problems as they proved way back in the regular season. Let's hope Cutler protects the ball and Forte gets going. BEAR DOWN! (Oh and the Patriots will win today, despite the Jets resorting to head games).


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