Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow gotta love the NFL! Only one game went as I thought it would CRAZY! Also, why I don't gamble. GO BEARS! This weekend was packed and I woke up today completely spent. I really am tired. Like super tired. Thank Jeebus I gots my Dunkin. This weekend I'm going to California for a day trip. Can't wait to feel 70 degree weather. Chicago cold, although not as bad as previous years, is finally wearing me down.

Here are your highlights:

Happy MLK Day
, it would be nice if everyone had the day off *cough cough

The Black Jimmy Carter, Obama's numbers on the rise

Ricky Gervais killed it last night on the Golden Globes

Sad to hear this, When a Victim Struggles

While We're On Good Ideas That Very Serious People Hate

A lesson in taxes. Illinois Wakes Up, a lot of clamoring and jockeying has been going on around the Illinois tax increase. However it was the right thing to do and more states should follow suit.


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