Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Holy burrito! Last night was entertaining to say the least. The lady and I went out to a later dinner before she flies out to Santa Monica and down plops a "couple." A special "couple." The dude looked like a minor league hockey player; meathead, hockey mullet (by choice), and his shirt unbuttoned one too many. The woman looked like a cougar from a bad comedy; too much make up, wig?, cocktail dress and black boots. Immediately the woman sits down and asks for a big margarita. AND THEN! DRAMA! Lots of it. Quote of the night, the dude in response to the female asking why he didn't commit to her, "I was escaping my own reality." WOOAH! As the lady and I exited stage right they were still going at it. In a restaurant known for its margaritas. A.MAY.ZING.

Here are your highlights:

Bernie Sanders tellin' it like it is on Social Security

Criminals, everyone of them, Banks Overcharged Military Families

Isolated Incidents

Nothing to see here: Housing it's not getting any better

Republicans start their faux-repeal of Health Care Reform and of course it is chalk full of hypocrisy. Nice benefits you got their Mr. Speaker! They also are intent on rewriting history about the economy. It'd be nice if the Democrats spoke the eff up...


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