Friday, January 21, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Rush Limbaugh Speaks Chinese
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You know how I was complaining about the cold? Well see what happens when I open my damn mouth? 0 degrees with windchill -10. I've been in the office for almost 45 minutes, my feet are still numb (note to self wear your damn boots even if you're traveling to Santa Monica). Well. At. Least. I'm going to Santa Monica today! I'm hoping to get on an earlier flight...cross your fingers for me. I can't wait, even if it's for only one full day, to get to sunny California. I need a quick vacation. The Bears play on Sunday. BEAR DOWN!!! I will be heartbroken if the Packers make it to the big dance. CUTLER PROTECT THE DAMN BALL!

Here are your highlights:

Rahm Emanuel is running away from the pack

TEH GOP is serious! Serious about their bigotry that is...

Asian-Americans slam Limbaugh for ‘childish’ mockery of Chinese

Next after the HCR Repeal, Abortion

About those isolated incidents...there seems to be somebody who needs to tone it down

Gabrielle Giffords to travel to Houston for rehabilitation - the main target of a madman's plot, is recovering and showing the nation what strength and character she has.


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