Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second Class Citizens


We told you yesterday about the State Legislators for Legal Immigration, a group of conservative state lawmakers who want to force a Supreme Court fight over the 14th Amendment, by passing state citizenship laws that are sure to be challenged.

But there's another prong to their attack. They also want Congress to allow states to mark the birth certificates of children born on U.S. soil -- that is, U.S. citizens -- who are born to illegal immigrants. This would create two categories of certificates: One for those whose parents are citizens or legal immigrants, and one for those whose parents are here illegally.

Now the "State Legislators for Legal Immigration" say it's not about making second class citizens, but really is there any other way to interpret this? It's a group of bigots under the veil of American patriotism purporting Fear the Brown People.

And it comes as no surprise that this is from the party that supposedly wants to uphold and protect the Constitution...well just the parts they like anyway.

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