Thursday, January 20, 2011


For essentially what is a one day trip to Santa Monica is harder than if I was staying the week. Normally I would throw in my go-to shirts, socks and etc, let the chips fall as they may. Boom, I'd be done. Not so much right now. What I'm saying is, is it okay to pack three outfits for one day? I'm not sure what is on the itinerary, but I feel it is necessary to have something for the morning, day and evening on Saturday. Yes, I think this hard about such things and I do care too much about my appearance. We all can't be perfect.

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Steve said...

My take is that as long as you don't have to take extra luggage, what does it matter. You pack whatever, you take it there, use what you need and bring the rest home. If you don't wear it, who cares?

Asian-American Pundit said...

That's normally how I roll. Seems ridick bringing a suit, three shirts, three ties and so on. *overthinkingmuch