Friday, January 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

We made it! It's Friday. This week and last week have been hellish. I'm not starting out 2011 right. What happened to chillin? I mean come on! So this weekend, we're recording the first TAT episode of 2011. Last minute suggestions are welcome! We are excited to chat up best albums, movies, booze and food as well as what we're looking forward to this year. Ex. The Decemberists. Also too, Bear Down.

Here are your highlights:

Tucson pauses in grief for youngest victim
, Christina Green

Chicago here comes Bill Clinton!

Whitewashing History, the conservative way

Apparently Kate Middleton's ring is a knock off dream

Scary, Greta Van Fox wants internet ID's. Cuz everyone knows it's the anonymous bloggers and commenters and not the people on the teevee and radio every day who spread hate speech....

Fame Through Assassination, an amazing piece by NPR and how over the years those who attempt assassinations crave attention. They also can be influenced on who to target based on news cycles and the amount of attention they would receive. Haunting. In the topic, John Cole points out the Other Dodge.


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