Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The lady and I finally saw the Social Network. Last night I trekked through the tundra known as Chicago to Blockbuster and picked it up. Review: Two Thumbs Up! Perhaps not as spectacular as everyone says, but a fine film. I still believe Inception was the best film of year...but in the 2010 recap episode of Trans-Atlantic Throwdown we cover that. Speaking of which after much delay it will be out tomorrow for your listening pleasure. It is my fault that's it has been so behind...I got engaged and all. So tomorrow be on the look out, write us and review!

Here are your highlights:

The Politics of Emanuel's court hearing

Finally no more color coding. DHS getting rid of stupid, idiotic threat levels

Study finds oil dispersant lingers in Gulf

More and more in Egypt

The Bailout Worked. Thank Obama

Consulate in Pakistan or American James Bond...YOU DECIDE!



Steve said...

Black Swan is well worth seeing. It's Aranofsky so it's disturbing of course, but really well done. Natalie Portman's acting is amazing, and once again proves clearly what a terrible writer/director Lucas is :)

Asian-American Pundit said...

We need to see it. It's always tough to get the fiance to the movies. Even if it's showing on Clark St. LOL.

And Lucas is an idea man hoping to be an everything man. Total misunderstanding of what his own purpose is, he is slowly ruining Star Wars...