Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Welp there was a speech. Although most of the time of the Drinking Liberally crowd were too busy counting the standing ovations. Midway through we were interrupted by a self-proclaimed socialist who thought we were all fools! FOOLS! And he stormed out in his designer winter jacket. As I said yesterday from the excerpts of the speech I knew it was going to "Meh." I for one thought he did a good job doing what he planned on doing...declare the center. More of this will be coming, but I did like how Obama did mention clean energy, education, and jobs. Putting people to work is still the most earnest of our problems. In other news I still enjoy being engaged, I'm sure that won't change!

Here are your highlights:

Hope in the State of the Union

The responses that weren't. Little Munsters

Hard to argue with Obama's State of Union address

Egypt protests and the "smashing"

More on Bachmann Overdrive

Insightful analysis from David Gergen, man I wish I made this, it's hilarious



MojoRider said...

is she really just a lunatic fringe nut job? Hell, maybe even both.

It was funny to see Sal Russo, head of the Tea party getting shredded by Chris Matthews last night. The dumb bastard had to sit there and try and defend Bachmann's revisionist history about slavery!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed Santa Monica. I was in San Francisco for a quick business trip over last weekend. Man, oh man. The low 60's and sunny weather sure beat the 20°weather here in DC. What a rude welcome home. I was not amused.

MojoRider said...

oops! i was cutting and pasting and left out my original paragraph.

part of me says, she's gotta know exactly what she's doing. but then I think, is Bachmann a calculating opportunist or is she really just crazy?