Saturday, January 15, 2011

NFL Weekend

Finished recording the first episode of 2011 of TAT, a fun look back at 2010! Can't wait to share the lists and our highlights.

In other news it's another NFL playoff weekend. I'm picking the Ravens for the upset (p.s. can't stand the Steelers) and the Falcons to move onward toward the next round. Should be fun to watch...would be nice if the Redskins could manage to the make the this lifetime. *Le Sigh.

We're going out tonight, remind me not to drink more than five gin & tonics!

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MojoRider said...

ugh! I can't believe the Ravens didn't score when they had the perfect chance! How he dropped the pass is beyond me, Flacco hit him right in the numbers. That should've been a TD and the Ravens should've been on top.

I despise anything to do with Pittsburgh. I can't stand their fans here in the DC area. The Ravens were my last hope for something good to come out of this area. Ah well...wait till next year.