Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Ovie is sick ya'll!

It was roller coaster of a weekend, not personally, but across the nation. We're still trying to gather all the information, we're still trying to get over the initial shock. I'm sure this week will reveal a lot about the Arizona Tragedy. I for one am exhausted. I haven't slept well the past week or so and a certain neighbor's loud as all hell clock kept me up all night Saturday. The lady and I enjoyed our weekend. Went out shopping, dined at Blue 13 and did the normal weekend errands. Last night I made fried eggplant, scallops and pasta. Big hit. I think I'm getting a hold on this ole cooking thing! National Championship tonight, who is everyone picking?

Here are your highlights:

Greg Sargent on the media's role

I'm starting to like this Harry Reid post-election guy

Tone it down

Don't this will work out for him, but he has a point. Jeb Tries to Push Back on the Nativists

Decemberists New Trailer

Agreed. Turning Point for Palin? The Hell It Is - she's a sociopath

Tales of Heroism Amongst Tragedy
, who knows how anyone of us would act in such a horrific situation. I'd like to believe we'd all emulate the heroic acts of Daniel Hernandez and others. More importantly I hope we all never have to experience anything like Arizona.



MojoRider said...

Love it! I'm a big Caps fan (going way back to the dark days of expansion team when i was a little kid) and had a 10 game ticket plan until they got so popular, they sold more season ticket plans this summer and bumped me right out of my 10 game plan. :(

It's great to see Ovie score. FINALLY. Teams have been double teaming him at the blue line and he's been getting back checked too by the forwards. I hope they get it in gear and find a way to kick start the offense with Ovie and the top line.

Why aren't you a Blackhawks fan? They won the Cup!

Now as for the weekend events and the point about the vitriol, I agree, it's been exhausting. I still think there's blood on the hands of the ones that Sherrif Dupnik alluded to.

I mean, really. How do you back away from making statements like, "Second amendment remedies" and "reload"? They knew exactly what they were saying and why they said it.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Dude I've been a Caps fan since I was kid! I used to have that 10 game ticket plan as well with my pops. I normally don't get to watch games, but when I was in Bmore over the Holiday I was pumped to be in a CAPS bar.

I like the Blackhawks second, however I always have love for my hometown team.

As for Sheriff Dupnik he of all people should know. I think he was on point and it says a lot about the Right in how they've come after him. No one is saying the Right is to blame. We are saying they need to tone it down, this should serve as a wake up call considering the correlations. Words have meaning and ultimately can lead to horrible consequences.

MojoRider said...

Rock the Red, brother, rock the Red! Unfortunately, I haven't been to a game all season at the Verizon Center.

Glad to see that that the Hawks are your second fave team. That's the thing I hate about the DC metro area. Very few people are from the area and too many people are transplants. And for as long as they live here, they don't adopt the area as their home and they don't adopt the hometown teams as their own either. I'm guessing it's a little different in Bmore, though. Glad to hear you were in a Caps bar!

I was so glad to see the Caps beat the Pens in the Winter Classic. It was awesome!

And you're correct, the right wing folks sure are defensive, aren't they? Because they KNOW! Deep down inside, they know that they've been demagoguing away and inciting their base in unhealthy ways.

And I don't buy that the left has any sort of equivalency. The talk about the Dems maps using bulls eyes has no equivalance because it wasn't accompanied by over heated rhetoric about guns or "Second amendment remedies"!

And besides, whether or not you could link the right wing extremist talk to Lougher, isn't what Dupnik said still on point? That we should all tone it down and create a better environment, stop bickering, and get something accomplished for the American people?