Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I have been off the grid most of the day, with a few Twitter happenings here and there. I am hard at work attempting to put my resources and awesomeness to the test. Not really, but it sounds much better than what I have been really up to. Regardless I am not skipping out on today's Dunkin. It might be mid-day, but I gots to get some out there, it is my patriotic duty! Plus the "Confirmation Show" continues...(insert clown music here).

Here are your highlights:

Facepainting, an in depth reasoning for shunning the Last Airbender.

WTF, BP and Coast Guard burning SEA TURTLES! Keno, contact Leo, Raph, Mikey & Dony!

Boehner gives insight to why the GOP doesn't care about Financial Regulation. It's just an "ant" problem.

A thorough breakdown of the NBA Free Agent Extravaganza!

New Wallpapers for your Desktop

If you read on article today read this, our so-called leaders are leading us right back into the dumps. Someone. Anyone. Save our economy.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten Asian-American Comedians

David at Make it in the Motherland compiled a list of the Top Ten Asian-American Comedians of All Time.

Here is the list:

1. Margaret Cho
2. Russell Peters
3. Henry Cho
4. Ken Jeong
5. Aziz Ansari
6. Bobby Lee
7. Dat Phan
8. Rex Navarette
9. Kal Penn
10. Jo Koy

The post offers in depth bios and reasoning behind the choices. I commend David for taking on quite a daunting task. I didn't even know there were 10 mainstream Asian-American comedians! When I first read it I was like, "Are there 10 Asian-American comedians in the world?" To my surprise the answer was yes.

As for my own list, I would have left Ken Jeong off of it. Thus far his career has been too short and his recent Hangover role was odd and a tad bit degrading. Dat Phan doesn't make my list as well, but in all honesty I don't have a set list more of a floating Top 5. There is one glaring omission, however (this guy would have been my number one over Margaret Cho) and that is Steve Byrne.

As a fellow comedian I simply respect his comedy, style and attitude above the rest. No offense to Cho she has put in great work and has opened doors for many comedians (especially female comedians) but I don't find her funny. Honestly, not the least bit funny.

Steve Byrne still might be under the radar to some, but he has been touring the world and making audiences laugh across the globe.


Byrne is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and of half Irish and half Korean descent.[1]

Byrne had a one-hour special on Comedy Central in 2008 titled Steve Byrne's Happy Hour. Byrne was also featured on the NBC series The Real Wedding Crashers and a featured comic on The Tonight Show. He has made appearances on Chappelle's Show, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, The History Channel's "History of the Joke," Mad TV's 300th episode and a Super Bowl promo on CBS with Prince and Bill Cowher. His stand-up has been featured on The Late Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, BET's ComicView, ABC’s Good Morning America as well as Comedy Central's Premium Blend. He has been a featured comic in The Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Las Vegas the TBS Very Funny Festival in Chicago, the TBS Very Funny Festival in Toronto and The CanWest Comedy Fest in Vancouver. Recently, he has appeared on the new Showtime comedy series "Live Nude Comedy" and shot a pilot for the G4 Network based on a Japanese Game Show called "Drunken Businessman". Byrne is currently on the road preparing for his second hour special for Comedy Central taping in the fall of 2009 called "The Byrne Identity".

Some samples:

Steve Byrne - Male Strippers
Futurama New EpisodesUgly AmericansFunny TV Comedy Blog

Steve Byrne - Jobs
Futurama New EpisodesUgly AmericansFunny TV Comedy Blog

I would also add myself to that list, but I haven't had my big break yet...being a comedian is tough work and it takes extreme discipline. Some people might have the gift, but not the work ethic to learn and hone their craft. Everyone who is listed including Byrne (sans Ken Jeong) are solid in my book and deserve their credit. Now that I see this list though, I realize I need to get to work, where is my pen? I need to write some more jokes! ( I will also add one more sentence or two in parenthesis since tonight they seem to have overtaken my writing, not sure why really. What is up with that? Am I losing my mind? Must be Insanity kicking in making me all kooky like. I CRAVE PIZZA AND BEER!)

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21 Reasons Why This Movie Sucks

Via Prince Gomolvilas:

In order to beat "The Last Airbender" release date, I'm rushing a video into circulation. In the vein of "What My Sister's Breast Implants Have to Do with Golf," which you may have seen, my latest monologue, "21 Reasons Why This Movie Sucks," which deconstructs the controversy behind both "21" and "The Last Airbender," was just performed at the Thai-American literary event that was hosted by USC and PEN Center USA.

Part 1

Part 2

Well worth the watch. It says what needs to be said in an intelligent and humorous fashion.

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Confirmation Show starring Elena Kagan

She seems to know the questions before they leave their mouths...

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am feeling a little better today, but still wary about pushing myself too hard at the moment. I woke up this morning and cooked myself one egg and two egg whites with a bit of Mexican chili powder, topped it with salsa and set it on a bed of toast. Delicious. I am trying to add variety to my meals this week to prevent my body from getting used to any one meal. So far it is hard being inventive with such restrictions set out by the diet plan. Perhaps today will be a "search Food Network day."

Here are your highlights:

Volckler rule might be optional?

This is getting to be a fucking issue, Wall St. getting some bonuses

Convention Superstition, AUSTERITY!!

Dave Weigel gets a job!

Uh-oh Kagan doesn't think the Founding Fathers were perfect...

Obama and the WH getting Lucy'd left and right. What an effing surprise.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Sen. Daniel Inouye, President Pro Tempore


With the passing of Sen. Robert Byrd this morning, Democrat Daniel Inouye from Hawaii is now the Senate's longest-serving member. Sen. Inouye has represented Hawaii since it gained statehood in 1959, beginning in the House of Representatives before being elected to the Senate in 1963. He is a veteran, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and the first Japanese-American to serve in Congress. Mr. Inouye replaces Mr. Byrd as the president pro tempore of the Senate, making him third in line to succeed the president, after the vice president and the speaker of the House.

A great honor for one of the pioneers of Asian-American politics.

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Quote of The Day

Bonddad aka Hale Stewart:

The continuation of the recovery is dependent on politicians doing the right thing. Last week's debate about unemployment benefits was without a doubt one of the most Kafkaesque events I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Not since someone floated the idea that we can win a land war in Asia has Washington done something so mind-numbingly stupid.

What I find most disturbing is how incredibly stupid and ignorant Washington is about simple economics. I have posted the GDP equation several times to illustrate how incredibly ignorant the "government spending can't help" argument is; it is purely counter-factual and exists only in a the realm of political dogma. Yet that does not stop this incredibly idiotic argument from gaining traction in political dialog.

I am Frank Chow and I wish I said this

Ninja Thought

Wingnuts should only be allowed to cover wingnuts.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I am not sure if I want to disclose what happened this weekend. It was a rough one to say the least. Let's just say I went a little to insane with my INSANITY and paid the price. All is well now, but I have learned my lesson aka drink more water. This weekend should be great though as it is leading up to the much heralded Fourth of July WEEKEND! That's right boating, tanning, grilling out, juicing pecs, doing laundry...maybe and enjoying a fun filled time with the lady's crew. I am looking forward to four days off.

Here are your highlights:

This will be all that is talked about in Chicago for the rest of the year. Lebron James as a Bull.

I need this, but not really. Kickin it Old School watch

Krugman drops the "D-word" rightfully so. I am tired and exhausted to a point about how mind numbingly stupid G-20 was. In other news Sen. John Cornyn can't do basic math, but he hates deficits so we should take him seriously.

The theatrics begin. Kagan confirmation hearings.

The two poles of journalism

The Supreme Court rules guns are awesome EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GUNS!

RIP Senator Robert Byrd. A man who lived long enough to understand his wrongs, attempted to make them right and uphold dignity in the lead up to the Iraq War when many did not have the courage to so.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

In honor of TEAM USA and the World Cup Round of 16 tomorrow.

I give you Teabagger or Soccer Fan?

(h/t to everyone) Have a great weekend, go USA!!

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Ninja Thought

Opposite-gender lovers, a survival guide.

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From the Mix Tape - Remembering Michael

It is seems odd that it was a year ago Michael Jackson passed away. I recall in detail where I was and what was going on the day he died. It was long ride home on the Metra that day and everyone was talking about it in detail. I kept texting my lady about it in complete shock. It was so hard to believe.

The lady and I have been playing the Number Ones of late on our road trips to Central Illinois. I have a new found fondness for this particular track. The outro of which is a great accompaniment to corn fields and open roads. You could say, I feel like he never left us.

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Dumbing It Down

I find this increasingly frustrating, but one has to start making the case that, if Obama and the Democrats really want to pass a jobs bill they will have to dumb it down.

Steven M. at No More Mister Nice Blog:

Republicans are going to take away unemployment benefits and Democrats are going to be blamed. But, um, does it have to be that way? Of course, you reply -- Americans just don't understand the filibuster.

But is there no mechanism whatsoever -- a prime-time interview, a prime-time speech -- whereby the president of the United States might explain the filibuster to peple, as if he were teaching Civics 101? Explain it, and explain the specific way in which this undemocratic relic of a procedure is being used to block these benefits and thwart majority rule? Why couldn't a president reach out to the public to educate us on how our government works, in the interests of his agenda? Would Ronald Reagan have hesitated to do so? Would FDR? Wouldn't they have found a way?

I know that Obama, while not a professor, taught for a while. Unfortunately, he taught elite law students. I don't think he quite understands how to educate people who really need a basic education in government.

He should imagine what he would say if Malia or Sasha were to ask him to explain why, if he has a majority, he can't get the law passed. And then he should explain it to us exactly the way he'd explain it to one of them.

This couldn't be more right. Yes he will get panned by pundits and news channels alike, but Obama is only doing his self and the country a disservice by allowing the misinformation campaign and dirty tactics of the Republicans to continue. The filibuster needs reform plain and simple. Educating the public on how it has contributed to denying funds for education, COBRA, unemployment benefits and jobs doesn't sound like a bad idea. I am not sure if there is any precedent on this, yet the current issue at hand calls for a new tactic.

I would like this to go farther why not a speech about the economy as well? Perhaps a historical lesson on the 1937 and how it correlates to today's austerity obsessed mouth pieces? Why not explain local governments whose policies have hurt their states? Alternative fuels? Climate change? I know it is stretch, however one can wonder how it would benefit the people if Professor Obama dumbed it all down.

Understanding government and how it works and how it is broken would in theory bode well for the administration. Heck, anything is better than the numbers we have been seeing regarding November 2010. And if you want to know why Republicans continue make cuts to education? It plays heavily in their favor. Idiocracy has a well known conservative bias.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Well the week one of INSANITY is almost done. I tell you what I feel great. I have a tough cardio workout to pull of tonight followed by one more kick-my-ass workout tomorrow, but overall I feel better than I did at the beginning of it all. 55 days seems like a lot on a calendar, hopefully by week three it won't feel that way. HOPEFULLY! So USA tomorrow against Ghana, can't wait. The US will have to come out as aggressive as they did against Algeria and look to finish their chances better than previous efforts. Ghana will undoubtedly pose some problems in the back end of the US defense and especially have to avoid any fouls in the box. I am thinking it will be a decent scrap, but think the boys will pull it off! GO USA!

Here are your highlights:

Wizards get Wall and Hinrich as well as the 17th pick in the draft. Bulls are definitely making moves for Bron Bron.

Old people miss being young

Living breathe lung tissue created in lab

Depressing, Gutierrez thinks there are not enough votes for Immigration Reform

May the Force be With You

Financial Regulation makes it out and oddly enough it is better in places than previously thought. Full details here. No doubt this means Obama is the Black Jimmy Carter.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Lose in 2010

Ignoring the most pressing issue of 2010. It's not the war in Afghanistan, it's not whether or not Obama is manly enough, it's not the Arizona hate law, it's not Lindsay Lohan's red bull stained panties, it's not the BP Oil Spill, it's not Rand Paul or Rupaul, it's not Jersey Shore's mass appeal, it's not Joe (insert generic last name here), it's not some fake pimp or ACORN, it's not WH Dinner party crashers, it's not John McCain's or Sarah Palin's tweets, it's not gay marriage, it's not who won American Idol (although that is vitally important to our well-being), it's not the deficit and it certainly is not the teabaggers. It is JOBS! I have been ranting about this endlessly and I know I am not the only one, however the Democrats don't get it. The message is being lost and they aren't doing enough to fix it. The saddest part is this ultimately will lead to one big awful outcome in November.


Unfortunately, the American people's reaction is to give Congress a twenty percent approval rating, without much regard for which party is to blame. The Republicans are going with a strategy of making Congress as unpopular as possible in the hope that a widespread effort to throw the bums out will redound to their advantage.

And then what happens is years of asinine faux-scandals drummed up by the newly anointed right wing zealots in the Republican party. All the while still no jobs, cuts to education, cuts to basic services and a country asking themselves, "now what happened here?"

9.7% in 2010 with a complete historical reference on how NOT to do things and we can't even get a measly watered down "jobs" bill? It is safe to say the White House mucked it up when they tried to only pass a reasonable stimulus package instead of a more robust one. It is safe to say the Democrats have no political will to attempt to get at the heart of the issue. Republicans just don't care. It is a game to them, but people get desperate and get angry and then act stupidly.

People need jobs. People WANT jobs. People aren't just hanging around the unemployment line for a fun leisure activity. Someone give me a microphone and a hard hat I am sick of this...

1937 all over again.

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P.S. Fuck Ben Nelson

From the Mix Tape - Lydia

Their last and final release will be this July. This video is short, but sweet exactly what Lydia is musically (and where do they find the endless supply of attractive indie girls I have no idea). I am highly anticipating this upcoming release even if it is lacking the backing vocals of Mindy White, I expect it not to disappoint. The greatest element of this band is its ability to find the perfect dynamics for each song. It has become a great soundtrack for my ride home on the L. The list of their final shows can be found on their MySpace.

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Stuff White People Do

Racialicious posts a poignant article about those who "Pose in Cowboy Drag."

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So as you can tell I changed my template and header for the blog. I think is my third one...maybe my fourth and I still not sold on the header I made up last night. I like it, but is it just me or does blogger blur jpegs? Oh well. Yesterday I was spent, why you might ask? USA WORLD CUP SOCCER!! That games was exhausting to watch and yes I watched it at work on Univision because I wasn't going to miss it. The finish by Donovan had to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I wasn't the only one in the office jumping and screaming. It was a prime example of soccer at its finest. I know some people don't get it, but it undeniable provides at times a great build-up with exciting results. GO USA!! The lady and I are sore as all heck from Insanity and can't wait for a day off, but thus far the diet and exercise is all according to plan.

Here are your highlights:

Where is Mark Kirk?

After Obama canned McChrystal he appointed Petraeus in a stunningly smart move

Jobless still jobless no one in Washington seems to care. Perhaps because these jobless aren't white collar workers...?

I think I finally spotted a new phone I like

Despite spill Louisiana can't ween off the oil
. While the harsh realities of the spill are too much to bear for some.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ninja Thought

Send in the Clowns

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Obama meets with McChrystal

(click to enlarge)
Obama: Now, um, I accept your apology, but there is on more thing I would like for you to do. You see this, um, this here is a zombie heard of "foot in mouth?"

McChrystal: *Gulp

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Update: Obama made McChrystal eat the foot and leave.

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

USA USA USA!!!! Today decides whether or not the USA Men's Soccer team moves on to the next round. They are playing Algeria and it turns out someone had a little fun on Wikipedia before the game "In 2010, the country of Algeria gave way to complete anarchy and eventually dissolved after being crushed by the United States of America in the 2010 FIFA World Cup." BRILLIANT! In other news it is day three of my diet with INSANITY and I already feel better. Oh and the no alcohol rule. My apologies to the Drinking Liberally crowd as it is too early in the game for me to fall off the wagon.

Here are your highlights:

It is all about McChrystal today, but he still doesn't get it. (more fun on this later)

What a libertarian utopia looks like...

The Stanley Cup is coming to the Pride Parade as well as a Cubs float. Well done gentlemen.

I couldn't agree more with this, The Sort of New South

Pelosi: "Show us the Jobs"

Wonder why the banks keep getting off scott-free? Senators like New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, his despicable behavior of late is unacceptable and embarrassing. Chuck you are hereby called "Swipe" Schumer.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Working On...

(click to enlarge)

A new Twitter background...thoughts?

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Ninja Thought

Bloomberg has a new site. Orange you glad I told ya.

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Bring Them All Home


It's appalling that we're asking soldiers to risk their lives for no more strategic reason than avoiding the perception that we were run off.

I know Obama chose to give the COIN strategy a chance as a middle ground between continuing a failed strategy and abandoning Afghanistan altogether. I realize, because the effort in Afghanistan involves our NATO partners, that we have some complicated equities to consider in terms of state-to-state relations. Yet, what Obama should be looking for is an excuse to get out. They've been delegitimizing Karzai for a while, which I consider a precursor to justifying a bug-out. Maybe McChrystal's actions can provide another justification. If his own staff thinks the war should be more unpopular than it is then maybe it's time to sack the commanding general and replace him with one with instructions to wind this thing down on an accelerated timetable.

No one is really being fooled.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am still standing. Barely. I am feeling moderately sore, but yesterday was brutal. I definitely lost Round 1 to Insanity. It started off fine, however as the exercises progressed I regressed into a sweaty, dizzy and tired mess. I DID FINISH THOUGH AND ALL WAS WELL! Okay not so well. For the first time in my life I yacked mid-workout. You laugh, but seriously I know I am not in great shape, but decent shape and this "Fit Test" demands you be in phenomenal shape. Lesson learned. So only 59 days to go...should all go swimmingly, right? Oh man. I CAN DO IT!

Here are your highlights:

General MyChrystal gots some explainin to do

Obama hearts the GAYS

A very happy birthday to John Cole at Balloon Juice

Dear Arizona, About that Immigration Law "that's not racist"

Well this is not the tattoo I would get

More Asian-American signing up for the Army - discussed this a little bit with Paddy K. My take is although it is nice of NPR to do a story about Asian-Americans signing up for the Army. It would have be nice if they didn't solely focus on the poor and education factor. Many people sign up to serve and defend their country. Education and security is a benefit of serving our country proudly.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Census Workers Being Attacked - Erick Erickson Say What?

Being a Census worker isn't so safe. It is in fact quite hazardous these days with over 350 reported incidents of threats and violence. Most of these incidents seem to be from those harboring disdain towards government.


While most homeowners have received census takers graciously, some say they have been surprised at the degree of anger exhibited by Americans who consider them the embodiment of intrusive government.

"I came across loads of hostility," said Douglas McDonald, who summoned police in Deltona, Fla., after a tug-of-war with an irate homeowner over a census form. The homeowner threw his ripped half in the toilet.

McDonald, 70, a District native who retired from the Labor Department after 30 years as an investigator, said he wasn't prepared for the level of anti-government fervor he encountered.

"There's so much anger and bitterness, with people losing their homes and their jobs," said McDonald, who eventually quit. "They're not too fond of the government. They don't want to talk to you."

Sherri Chesney, 46, said she was cursed and spat at during follow-up visits in Houston. One day, she encountered a woman working in her garden. Chesney showed her census badge, she said, prompting the woman to launch into a tirade: "I don't need the blankety-blank government snooping in my business." Then she threw a metal patio table at Chesney, who escaped injury by ducking.

"I was stunned, I really was, that America is so mad at the government," said Chesney, who no longer works for the census. "People don't know what it's like out there. It's scary and dangerous, and it's not worth my life."

Mad at the government. Taking it out on Census workers now where have I heard that before? Oh that's right! That guy from RedState & CNN Erick Erickson, now what were the eloquent words he used...I believe it was Shakespearean!

ERICKSON: This is crazy. What gives the Commerce Department the right to ask me how often I flush my toilet? Or about going to work? I'm not filling out this form. I dare them to try and come throw me in jail. I dare them to. Pull out my wife's shotgun and see how that little ACS twerp likes being scared at the door. They're not going on my property. They can't do that. They don't have the legal right, and yet they're trying.

Now Erickson claims that this is simply Media Matters construing his words. That's his voice though. I can recognize empty rhetorical nonsense with a side of Freedom Fries and Skynard with the best of them, BUT of course he isn't to blame. NEVER! Nope it is the GOVERNMENT'S FAULT!!! How dare they have Census workers go door to door seeking information from the misinformed citizens who didn't fill out their Census forms. I mean it's the government's fault that they have been hyped up by pundits who spout opportunistic paranoia filled frenzies. It's the government's fault they have unmitigated rage toward innocent Census workers. It's the lame stream media, Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Oprah, the Donkey from Shrek, liberal whatchamacalits who make this country abhor the Census...

Oh wait, that's the wingnutosphere and Fox Fucking News.

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Ninja Thought

They won't stop until you make them stop

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Rand Paul thinks the Unemployed are Whiners


In an interview with WVLK-AM in Lexington, Kentucky on Friday, Paul told host Sue Wylie he supported the Republican filibuster of $120 billion in jobless benefit extensions. Paul said the $120 billion must be paid before the extension is voted into law -- and if that can't happen, it's time for America's unemployed to face facts and stop holding out for jobs similar to the ones they've lost.

"As bad as it sounds, ultimately we do have to sometimes accept a wage that's less than we had at our previous job in order to get back to work and allow the economy to get started again," he said. "Nobody likes that, but it may be one of the tough love things that has to happen."

There you have it. The unemployed just need some tough love...I am not sure what would happen after that, but I am almost certain Rand Paul has no idea either. Maybe they can all accept lower wages at the Non-Existent Mart? Maybe work at the Fishing for Some Answers Tackle & Bait shop? Maybe they can just beg for a bailout like Wall St. did? Seemed to work great for them!

The out of touch Paul, however reflects the thinking of a majority of Congress which is itself is a tragedy. They don't see it, so they don't get it. It's not around them, so it's not understandable. The reality, however for millions of others is that without unemployment the most basic needs for a family would be unattainable. Whether it is medical bills, to food on the plate or keeping their homes. It is real for the unemployed and we need less Rand Paul's and more action.

Too bad deficits seem to be a higher priority than jobs these days.

Waiting for the Freedom Market Fairy is not action.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Today I begin Insanity. Well last night was the beginning as the lady and I went shopping for the new dietary needs and loaded up on veggies, fruit and protein. I AM GONNA GET RIPPED! Okay, most likely not, but it will be great to test my limits in this program. The key is to go at your own comfortable pace, take rest when needed and stick to your caloric intake. It is 60 days, six days a week and hardcore workouts. INSANITY! I will be giving regular updates about my progress and what it all entails, so I can look back and go WHY WAS I SO INSANE! This weekend was great as I cooked for the in-laws and enjoyed boating in the lake. Can't complain.

Here are your highlights:

Minorities hurt most by the foreclosure crisis

Seems like it was good game time decision. Crist leading in the polls.

If only the BP defending neo-cons had to live in the world they so desperately want

Uh-oh progressive were right. Health Care Reform matters. Now continue hippie punching...

WH backpedaling on Afghanistan withdrawal

It is a problem that people can't even get the right information from the right sources. It is why people don't understand the immigration debate. Basic facts are trivialized.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

I figured since I am going to start Insanity why don't I post some insane fashion? Seems like a rationale idea, however I did not expect the ridonkulous I would find. The fashion world sometimes goes too far or tries WAY TOO HARD. Here are a couple of my faves. All images courtesy of The Fashionisto.

Why yes! My arms do needs socks. Perfectly logical.

Warning. This outfit not for those who get queezy staring at 3-D poster-art.

Both rustic and mysterious. This man wields a cardboard ax in a cardboard house. Can we call him Reverse Thor?

Fuzzy haaaat. Fuzzy haaat, what are they feeding you?

I don't know if these designers meant for their "looks" to be mocked, but now that they have I am sure you can chalk it up to me being out of touch or "just not getting it." Riiiiiiight. Have a great weekend ya'll. I'm on a boat!

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Stop Apologizing

The Dems trying to shift momentum off of Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP. Simple and to the point. Greg Sargent has more.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

BP Doesn't Have to Answer to Small People

(click to enlarge)

It was not lost in the translation. Carl-Henric Svanberg meant every word and now you "small people" must go!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

*original image found here

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Oh holy moley it is Friday!Thank God. So who won the sporting match? Did Kobe beef get eaten? Aw, crap the Lakers. Meh, it's the NBA, just don't like the Lakers. It is like rooting for the Yankees. This weekend is Father's Day, so everyone call up your Daddy say thank you for the chromosomes and respect! I know what my Dad will be doing....drinking at B-Dubs and watching some sports at the butt crack of dawn. That's my Dad and without him I wouldn't be the ragetastic son of a bitch I am. So Poppa Frank. I SALUTE YOU! Happy Father's Day old man! In other news, going to the boat tonight for back to back weekends. Hopefully it does not rain as much as last weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Here are your highlights:

That 30's Feeling
. Krugman has said it all along. They just don't get it.

Some idiot apologized to BP for the way for thug-like WH's actions. Apparently that means the press will have to try to give it merit. SLAM. HEAD. ON. DESK.

Utah you win, you always do
. Executing a man by firing squad is so 2010.

David Fucking Brooks. "A World Cup Mentality" (h/t Paddy K)

STIMULUS. The American people are demanding it
. Why won't Congress listen? It is the only feasible way to avoid a double-dip recession IMO and we are running out of time for action. As Benen says, "That this is even a debate is astounding to me."


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I Read Balloon Juice

This rant by John Cole sums it up:

All I know is that if Obama doesn’t stop the oil leak with his massive Kenyan penis and then give a rousing FDR/Trumanesque speech delivered using a grade 7.5 language level that gives Chris Matthews a blue-vein hard-on and then personally scrubs every drop of oil from the gulf without hurting BP’s profits and making sure every oil worker has a job, I’m out. I mean, come on. That isn’t asking too much, is it? And why don’t we have gay marriage and a cure for cancer? What a loser! If only he hadn’t turned off his progressive base, all this could happen. Ed Schultz told me so.

And he better wear a flag lapel pin while doing it.


I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

From the Mix Tape - States

States is a new project
by former members of Lydia and Copeland. Two bands I quite enjoy and was able to see live a couple of times over the years. The result thus far is a light sound with singable melodies and you just can't help but appreciate Mindy White's voice (it is reminiscent of Rocking Horse Winner). I am looking forward to how this all turns out.


Ninja Thought

While you are talking about my hands, I am getting shit done.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Rep. Joe Barton Outdoes Himself

From around the blogosphere, Rep. Joe Barton (TX) apologizes to BP for the "shakedown" Obama and teh White House did yesterday.


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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It.Should.Arrive.Today. INSANITY! Why is this consuming my life already? What am I thinking? I am thinking, I have shaved 10 pounds off, the heaviest I have ever been and I need to get back in shape for my acting career. You see there is this world where I must live in where people have juiced pecs and "situations" in order to "build their resume." I am not talking porn people, HEAD OUT OF GUTTER, but I have learned through auditions you have two choices as an Asian-American actor. 1) Be overweight or fit some stereotype 2) Get ripped and have some a better shot at roles. Not ideal, but true and this is the year I am cutting out one of my roadblocks by getting in great shape. INSANITY is that first step. I will be giving you updates. Pray for me...what am I getting myself into...

Here are your highlights:

BP Chairman apologize for "small people" remark. Gonna be a fun day at the Hill.

A revised plan for the reshaping of Wrigleyville

Mark Kirk still lying

Sharron Angle challenging Harry Reid in Nevada. Says REVOLUTION is around the corner...

Your Stupid Press. A lesson in language.

The unemployed are still unemployed. As Atrios states, the answer to this crisis is to put people to work. Unfortunately no one anywhere seems to have the political will.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Makes Me Sick

Guardian has an eye witness picture of the BP Oil Spill.

$20 billion does not seem like enough. (h/t DCDebbie)

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They Care They Really Do


Republicans and a dozen Democratic defectors in the Senate dealt a defeat to President Barack Obama Wednesday, just days after he pressed Congress to renew pieces of last year's economic stimulus bill.

A catchall measure combining jobless aid for the long-term unemployed, aid to cash-strapped state governments and the renewal of dozens of popular tax breaks for businesses and individuals failed to muster even a majority in a test vote, much less the 60 votes that would be required to defeat a GOP filibuster.

Now, Obama's Democratic allies have been forced back to the drawing board in their efforts to pass the measure, which also would protect doctors from a looming cut in Medicare payments and raise taxes on investment fund managers. A new, scaled back version of the measure is likely to be revealed Wednesday afternoon.

You see because all of the unemployed are freeloaders who want to be jobless....

In addition anyone who calls it a "defeat to President Barack Obama" is an asshole. The real defeat is for those struggling during the greatest recession in modern times. This kind of inaction by the Senate is simply kicking people while they are down.

My proposal, I would like every Senator who voted against this measure to explain to each one of the unemployed how deficits are more important than food on the table.

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The First Rule of Global Warming Is

You don't talk about Global Warming.

Ezra Klein:

In response to this, Rachel said that no one wants to hear about climate change. The operative emotion here has to be inspiration, not fear. And she's right about that. The polling certainly backs her up. But that strikes me as depressing evidence of how unlikely we are to succeed. I simply don't believe you could've passed health care if you couldn't have talked about covering the uninsured, and I don't think stimulus would've worked without the spur of the unemployed. It's not that people wanted to hear about either subject all day, but they got both problems on a visceral enough level that the action being taken at least made a sort of sense.

My fear is that if we ever get to the place where the action being taken makes a sort of sense as a way to address the problem, public opinion will collapse because it's built on such a flimsy foundation. Talking about clean energy isn't a lie, of course. But a bill to mitigate climate change isn't a jobs bill, as Nancy Pelosi has argued, and it's more than just a bill to make sure China doesn't capture to much of the renewable-energy business. It's going to be a big bill with some unpopular stuff in it because it's trying to do a hard and important thing. And if Americans have been told that this bill will be all goodies -- all jobs and energy and so forth -- it's hard to imagine them sticking around once they hear that the price of electricity is going to jump up, even if only by a little bit.

All that said, I think the politics of this are rapidly moving toward an efficiency and innovation-investment solution, and that bill does look more like goodies and can be sold on these grounds. That still leaves the question of how to pay for it, but at least it matches where the polling is on this subject. The downside is that it doesn't match the actual problem we're trying to solve.

Right. I have said before that I think most people don’t see tangible evidence that our climate is changing (see here and here). They don’t get the basis of the argument. They go to their neighborhoods and see trees. They see green grass. They see blue skies and the sun shine. "So how is the Earth in trouble?" "Why such urgency?" "It snowed in D.C., where is this Global Warming?" In fact even when you point out to climate change skeptics the simple fact that human beings are consumers i.e. we eat, we build, we plant etc., the point is lost since the immediacy is not in plain sight.

The reason the president did not address this is because the message would have been muddled. People would have heard climate change and been either dumfounded or apathetic. An issue however does present itself when you try to paint a bill meant to curb the effects of climate change as a “goodies” bill as Ezra states. It is a Catch-22. Mention climate change and the bill will never get passed by the Senate. Call it something else and promise the unattainable

It would be better if scientists and researchers were cognoscente enough to launch an independent campaign sans Al Gore and the normal celebrity trolls. That of course is asking too much. Regardless I don’t see this issue getting any simpler and I don’t see any signs the White House and Obama have a clear strategy here (unless you call accepting bare minimum as a strategy). How does one rewrite years of misinformation? If the BP Spill isn’t enough I really don’t know what is…

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I am kind of in a slump. I apologize for my lack of in depth posting. Recently the rinse, wash and repeat cycle of politics has made me somewhat numb to a lot of b.s. I see it, initially wanting to rage, but then hold back. Last night was no different. The president addressed the nation and I already knew that no matter what he would say, somebody somewhere would say it wasn't enough or didn't make the right points. It is pathetic and predictable, so I do what I always do which is mock the dimwits and morons. The issue with BP is a product of a much harsher reality in our democracy right now. Obama did hit on that last night saying, “Over the last decade, this agency has become emblematic of a failed philosophy that views all regulation with hostility -- a philosophy that says corporations should be allowed to play by their own rules and police themselves. At this agency, industry insiders were put in charge of industry oversight. Oil companies showered regulators with gifts and favors, and were essentially allowed to conduct their own safety inspections and write their own regulations,” and to be honest that was all I was expecting. Of course he used the word "God", but the neo-cons can only hope he meant it. While the Huffington Post wanted him to scream "CLIMATE CHANGE!" (it is like the "he doesn't use the word terrorist" argument) as if that would change anything in the House or Senate. What I witnessed was a president, our president asking for us to press forward with a more green agenda, a more responsible society and without any flourishes of fake rage, pop and circumstance. Hopefully America was listening regardless of what will be on the news today or tomorrow or the day after that.

Here are your highlights:

The homemade ninja who was hunting Osama Bin Laden, was he on to something?

Chicago a lesson on how to ruin your school system. Board ok's 35 student classrooms, expecting 2700 teacher layoffs. Will they call it recessionucation?

The press's First Boyfriend

New Zelda! The only real reason to own a Wii

A cartoon that says it all

There's No Appeasing Them. Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog with the best analysis of the night.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ninja Thought

Even God has a problem with the Christian Right.

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Obamaman to the Rescue

Can he save the Gulf this time?!

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Boy am I tired, like really tired. Still can't recover from the vacation weekend. Somehow I must must must muster up enough energy as today starts the Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago. Great headlines are hitting the town like the one and only Ellen as well as Aziz Ansari and the greats Patton Oswalt with Maria Bamford. Tonight though I will be checking out local legends and heroes at Chicago's Underground Comedy. The talent pool is so large it is guaranteed to be the best showcase of the festival. Who is will be there?Adam Burke , Beth Stelling , Brendan McGowan , Cameron Esposito , Dan Telfer , Hey You Millionaires , James Fritz , Junior Stopka , Mike Bridenstine , Sean Flannery , T.J. Miller , and The Maybenauts. That's who, so be there and chill with Frank, ya'll.

Here are your highlights:

Banks still making profits while ignoring bad loans

Hawks hit up Leno

The closing arguments end tomorrow for the Gay-Marriage trial

Minority Militant has beef
with the Asian-American blogosphere

In the Gulf the fishermen are still pissed off

I can't get this song out of my head. B.O.B- Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams and now it will be stuck in your head as well.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Alternate Universe

Rep. Steve King (IA) is an ignorant racist:

King: When you look at this administration, I'm offended by Eric Holder and the President also, their posture. It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race. And I don't know what the basis of that is but I'm not a coward when it comes to that and I'm happy to talk about these things and I think we should. But the President has demonstrated that he has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race — on the side that favors the black person.

This is the guy who the Tax Tea Party just loooooooves. I rest my case.

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No, this post is not about the Tea Party. I have purchased the Insanity, the workout. Time to get back in shape for good.

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Ninja Thought

It's about race, stupid.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am exhausted. Between the drama of the US v England World Cup game, to you know working really hard sitting on a boat all weekend. I am spent. LOL. Ok, I am just lacking sleep because I had to sleep in the galley of the boat on a couch. It stormed the first night. No sleep. The second night it was a little bit better, but still uncomfortable. So maybe four hours of sleep. Otherwise the weekend was quite lovely. The lady and I relaxed and did a whole lotta nothing which was exactly what the doctor ordered and enjoyed being with her folks. The best part was yesterday was beautiful and we got to go for a ride with Wrigley! (seen above) Hate to say it, but dogs make everything just a little bit sweeter.

Here are your highlights:

Bill Kristol wants more war!

This is gaining some momentum, Senate Dems want BP to set up 20 billion dollar escrow fund

The plight of the super rich

Oh the Euro is fun like Jenga

New Hope for Afghanistan? They have found unobtanium...

The Loon of Alabama. Want to know how crazy the Tea Party is? Want to know why it is impossible to take them serious as candidates? Want to see role playing and right wing extremism in one campaign ad? This tasty video by Rick Barber as it all and yes it is real.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Off for the Weekend

On a boat.

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Ninja Thought

And I'm living in a minority world and I am just a minority girl

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man, everyone is out at the parade for the Stanley Cup all ready to celebrate in the glory of the Blackhawks. Too bad I am inside and cannot attend, but for everyone else HOORAY GO HAWKS! This weekend is kind of up in the air. The lady and I were planning to go boating, however it looks like it is going to be raining for the next ooooohhhhhh month or so! Luckily the World Cup starts today and it is going to be awesome. USA! USA! USA! (three times is the best kind of cheer) I hoping for a hell of a scrap between England and the good ole US of A. We should be able to get out of our group with few bruises, but England is the match that counts. Tomorrow there will be blood on the pitch! (ok not really, but it makes it so much more melodramatic, speaking of melodramatic, we will see a lot of it during the Cup. those soccer pretty boys are a bunch of actors)

Here are your highlights:

Wikileaks founder is being hunted by the U.S.

The new strategy for the GOP's repeal of healthcare: Who needs healthcare anyway?

Oy, England is dooming their economy by reading history wrong. Hooray we aren't the only ones!

Ughh, the New Sally Quinns

During a recession you probably shouldn't be releasing products this fuggin gotti

Why anyone takes John Boehner seriously I do not know

Red Dawn, the "KILL THE COMMIE CHINEESEE!", movie might not be released. Not because of a "liberal conspiracy" like some are claiming, however because the capitalist recession is hitting Red Dawn's studio MGM. Please make it so. This movie should not and hopefully will not be made. The last thing we need is a return to the Yellow Peril nonsense of yesteryear.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ninja Thought

The thing about hippie punching is...eventually hippies do punch back.

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From the Mix Tape - Matt Skiba

I have never quite understood Matt Skiba's solo project. It does not deviate from the rest of his work it merely sounds like Alkaline Trio B-sides. It is Matt Skiba by himself, there is no difference from Alkaline Trio, what so ever. Meh. He has posted a new song though called S.O.S. and you can listen to it if you please. Hey, I can still support the guy, can't I?

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Fear the Nut

BooMan has been painfully subjecting himself to CSPAN and the debate regarding EPA powers. The "debate" has been mind numbingly stupid and frightening:

What's most remarkable about the debate, however, is not that a few Democrats support the resolution. What's remarkable is that one Republican after another is taking to the floor to dispute that global warming or climate change is occurring at all, that it wouldn't matter if it was occurring, and that we're powerless to do anything about it anyway.

I mean it's not about debate a policy, but a debate about whether science counts for anything. As Bernie Sanders asked on the Senate floor, if all our science-producing agencies are producing inaccurate information, then why are we funding them?

But that's the problem with the current incarnation of the Republican Party. They don't have any grounding in reality. And, even the few who do are perfectly content to pretend they don't. How can a political party run our government and all its agencies if they won't accept their findings?

I'm telling you, this is why I have decided that the biggest threat facing our country is the mentality of the Republican Party and the prospect that they might take power again and try to implement their twisted version of reality on the nation and the world. You thought the Bush administration was bad? You thought Tom DeLay was a nut? Just wait for the next group. You ain't seen nothing yet.

The Republican party has been deteriorating intellectually over the past twenty years. They have always been in the hands of the big corporations, however the embracing of anti-science, which was once a fringe element, is now front and center in policy and in rhetoric. It is apparent facts do not matter. History does not matter. And now the very idea of science is in question.

The Idiocracy that the Republican party would be content to implement is the gravest threat to our nation. I have been saying it since this blog began and it is truly scary as shit to imagine what future they would manifest. It isn't a matter of fearing them for loss of power or politics (I don't foresee a '94 in 2010), it is the idea of the nuts running America into the asylum. There is just no positive outcome. As BooMan says if you thought the previous administration was bad think again.

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