Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Boy am I tired, like really tired. Still can't recover from the vacation weekend. Somehow I must must must muster up enough energy as today starts the Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago. Great headlines are hitting the town like the one and only Ellen as well as Aziz Ansari and the greats Patton Oswalt with Maria Bamford. Tonight though I will be checking out local legends and heroes at Chicago's Underground Comedy. The talent pool is so large it is guaranteed to be the best showcase of the festival. Who is will be there?Adam Burke , Beth Stelling , Brendan McGowan , Cameron Esposito , Dan Telfer , Hey You Millionaires , James Fritz , Junior Stopka , Mike Bridenstine , Sean Flannery , T.J. Miller , and The Maybenauts. That's who, so be there and chill with Frank, ya'll.

Here are your highlights:

Banks still making profits while ignoring bad loans

Hawks hit up Leno

The closing arguments end tomorrow for the Gay-Marriage trial

Minority Militant has beef
with the Asian-American blogosphere

In the Gulf the fishermen are still pissed off

I can't get this song out of my head. B.O.B- Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams and now it will be stuck in your head as well.


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