Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Lose in 2010

Ignoring the most pressing issue of 2010. It's not the war in Afghanistan, it's not whether or not Obama is manly enough, it's not the Arizona hate law, it's not Lindsay Lohan's red bull stained panties, it's not the BP Oil Spill, it's not Rand Paul or Rupaul, it's not Jersey Shore's mass appeal, it's not Joe (insert generic last name here), it's not some fake pimp or ACORN, it's not WH Dinner party crashers, it's not John McCain's or Sarah Palin's tweets, it's not gay marriage, it's not who won American Idol (although that is vitally important to our well-being), it's not the deficit and it certainly is not the teabaggers. It is JOBS! I have been ranting about this endlessly and I know I am not the only one, however the Democrats don't get it. The message is being lost and they aren't doing enough to fix it. The saddest part is this ultimately will lead to one big awful outcome in November.


Unfortunately, the American people's reaction is to give Congress a twenty percent approval rating, without much regard for which party is to blame. The Republicans are going with a strategy of making Congress as unpopular as possible in the hope that a widespread effort to throw the bums out will redound to their advantage.

And then what happens is years of asinine faux-scandals drummed up by the newly anointed right wing zealots in the Republican party. All the while still no jobs, cuts to education, cuts to basic services and a country asking themselves, "now what happened here?"

9.7% in 2010 with a complete historical reference on how NOT to do things and we can't even get a measly watered down "jobs" bill? It is safe to say the White House mucked it up when they tried to only pass a reasonable stimulus package instead of a more robust one. It is safe to say the Democrats have no political will to attempt to get at the heart of the issue. Republicans just don't care. It is a game to them, but people get desperate and get angry and then act stupidly.

People need jobs. People WANT jobs. People aren't just hanging around the unemployment line for a fun leisure activity. Someone give me a microphone and a hard hat I am sick of this...

1937 all over again.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

P.S. Fuck Ben Nelson

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Steve said...

Yeah even if we don't do a double-dip at this point we are still likely to have unemployment over 8% going into 2012. So even if it's not 1937 it's bad. If it's 1937 and it gets even worse...

On the bright side for Dems, Republicans are even dumber and their constant obstruction of even basic efforts to stimulate the economy will hurt them. Ultimately though Democrats still have to make the case and they certainly don't have the evidence right now to make that easy.