Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Last night was a wonderful company "get together." The lady and I enjoyed fine dining and the Merlot, we loved the Merlot all the while kicking it back with work mates. It is always interesting once you get people out of the office how they loosen up. Quite entertaining. In other news everyone and their mother is arguing on the Left about what to do with health care reform. KILL IT! PASS IT! I have already said my piece, but of course I am going to link to tons of others. This is a real mess and I love every second of it to be honest.

Here are your highlights:

Politicians are still missing the point, Obama, Pelosi get it but aren't doing enough, We Need Jobs

Couldn't Agree More, We Miss Ted Kennedy

And the best news I have heard in a long while, Vinny Cerrato is stepping down from Vice President of Ruining the Redskins. This is a relief and about damn time, finally Snyder made a good decision. Now let's see if the Redskins draft for the future. I would like a new offensive line, build around the talents we have by adding to the solid linebacking crew and another defensive tackle. And can we get a running back already? I love C-Port always will, but it is safe to say he is getting old.


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