Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

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I am not sure if I want to disclose what happened this weekend. It was a rough one to say the least. Let's just say I went a little to insane with my INSANITY and paid the price. All is well now, but I have learned my lesson aka drink more water. This weekend should be great though as it is leading up to the much heralded Fourth of July WEEKEND! That's right boating, tanning, grilling out, juicing pecs, doing laundry...maybe and enjoying a fun filled time with the lady's crew. I am looking forward to four days off.

Here are your highlights:

This will be all that is talked about in Chicago for the rest of the year. Lebron James as a Bull.

I need this, but not really. Kickin it Old School watch

Krugman drops the "D-word" rightfully so. I am tired and exhausted to a point about how mind numbingly stupid G-20 was. In other news Sen. John Cornyn can't do basic math, but he hates deficits so we should take him seriously.

The theatrics begin. Kagan confirmation hearings.

The two poles of journalism

The Supreme Court rules guns are awesome EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GUNS!

RIP Senator Robert Byrd. A man who lived long enough to understand his wrongs, attempted to make them right and uphold dignity in the lead up to the Iraq War when many did not have the courage to so.


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