Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Oh holy moley it is Friday!Thank God. So who won the sporting match? Did Kobe beef get eaten? Aw, crap the Lakers. Meh, it's the NBA, just don't like the Lakers. It is like rooting for the Yankees. This weekend is Father's Day, so everyone call up your Daddy say thank you for the chromosomes and respect! I know what my Dad will be doing....drinking at B-Dubs and watching some sports at the butt crack of dawn. That's my Dad and without him I wouldn't be the ragetastic son of a bitch I am. So Poppa Frank. I SALUTE YOU! Happy Father's Day old man! In other news, going to the boat tonight for back to back weekends. Hopefully it does not rain as much as last weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Here are your highlights:

That 30's Feeling
. Krugman has said it all along. They just don't get it.

Some idiot apologized to BP for the way for thug-like WH's actions. Apparently that means the press will have to try to give it merit. SLAM. HEAD. ON. DESK.

Utah you win, you always do
. Executing a man by firing squad is so 2010.

David Fucking Brooks. "A World Cup Mentality" (h/t Paddy K)

STIMULUS. The American people are demanding it
. Why won't Congress listen? It is the only feasible way to avoid a double-dip recession IMO and we are running out of time for action. As Benen says, "That this is even a debate is astounding to me."


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