Monday, June 21, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Today I begin Insanity. Well last night was the beginning as the lady and I went shopping for the new dietary needs and loaded up on veggies, fruit and protein. I AM GONNA GET RIPPED! Okay, most likely not, but it will be great to test my limits in this program. The key is to go at your own comfortable pace, take rest when needed and stick to your caloric intake. It is 60 days, six days a week and hardcore workouts. INSANITY! I will be giving regular updates about my progress and what it all entails, so I can look back and go WHY WAS I SO INSANE! This weekend was great as I cooked for the in-laws and enjoyed boating in the lake. Can't complain.

Here are your highlights:

Minorities hurt most by the foreclosure crisis

Seems like it was good game time decision. Crist leading in the polls.

If only the BP defending neo-cons had to live in the world they so desperately want

Uh-oh progressive were right. Health Care Reform matters. Now continue hippie punching...

WH backpedaling on Afghanistan withdrawal

It is a problem that people can't even get the right information from the right sources. It is why people don't understand the immigration debate. Basic facts are trivialized.


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