Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It.Should.Arrive.Today. INSANITY! Why is this consuming my life already? What am I thinking? I am thinking, I have shaved 10 pounds off, the heaviest I have ever been and I need to get back in shape for my acting career. You see there is this world where I must live in where people have juiced pecs and "situations" in order to "build their resume." I am not talking porn people, HEAD OUT OF GUTTER, but I have learned through auditions you have two choices as an Asian-American actor. 1) Be overweight or fit some stereotype 2) Get ripped and have some a better shot at roles. Not ideal, but true and this is the year I am cutting out one of my roadblocks by getting in great shape. INSANITY is that first step. I will be giving you updates. Pray for me...what am I getting myself into...

Here are your highlights:

BP Chairman apologize for "small people" remark. Gonna be a fun day at the Hill.

A revised plan for the reshaping of Wrigleyville

Mark Kirk still lying

Sharron Angle challenging Harry Reid in Nevada. Says REVOLUTION is around the corner...

Your Stupid Press. A lesson in language.

The unemployed are still unemployed. As Atrios states, the answer to this crisis is to put people to work. Unfortunately no one anywhere seems to have the political will.


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