Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I have been off the grid most of the day, with a few Twitter happenings here and there. I am hard at work attempting to put my resources and awesomeness to the test. Not really, but it sounds much better than what I have been really up to. Regardless I am not skipping out on today's Dunkin. It might be mid-day, but I gots to get some out there, it is my patriotic duty! Plus the "Confirmation Show" continues...(insert clown music here).

Here are your highlights:

Facepainting, an in depth reasoning for shunning the Last Airbender.

WTF, BP and Coast Guard burning SEA TURTLES! Keno, contact Leo, Raph, Mikey & Dony!

Boehner gives insight to why the GOP doesn't care about Financial Regulation. It's just an "ant" problem.

A thorough breakdown of the NBA Free Agent Extravaganza!

New Wallpapers for your Desktop

If you read on article today read this, our so-called leaders are leading us right back into the dumps. Someone. Anyone. Save our economy.


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