Friday, June 25, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Well the week one of INSANITY is almost done. I tell you what I feel great. I have a tough cardio workout to pull of tonight followed by one more kick-my-ass workout tomorrow, but overall I feel better than I did at the beginning of it all. 55 days seems like a lot on a calendar, hopefully by week three it won't feel that way. HOPEFULLY! So USA tomorrow against Ghana, can't wait. The US will have to come out as aggressive as they did against Algeria and look to finish their chances better than previous efforts. Ghana will undoubtedly pose some problems in the back end of the US defense and especially have to avoid any fouls in the box. I am thinking it will be a decent scrap, but think the boys will pull it off! GO USA!

Here are your highlights:

Wizards get Wall and Hinrich as well as the 17th pick in the draft. Bulls are definitely making moves for Bron Bron.

Old people miss being young

Living breathe lung tissue created in lab

Depressing, Gutierrez thinks there are not enough votes for Immigration Reform

May the Force be With You

Financial Regulation makes it out and oddly enough it is better in places than previously thought. Full details here. No doubt this means Obama is the Black Jimmy Carter.


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