Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am still standing. Barely. I am feeling moderately sore, but yesterday was brutal. I definitely lost Round 1 to Insanity. It started off fine, however as the exercises progressed I regressed into a sweaty, dizzy and tired mess. I DID FINISH THOUGH AND ALL WAS WELL! Okay not so well. For the first time in my life I yacked mid-workout. You laugh, but seriously I know I am not in great shape, but decent shape and this "Fit Test" demands you be in phenomenal shape. Lesson learned. So only 59 days to go...should all go swimmingly, right? Oh man. I CAN DO IT!

Here are your highlights:

General MyChrystal gots some explainin to do

Obama hearts the GAYS

A very happy birthday to John Cole at Balloon Juice

Dear Arizona, About that Immigration Law "that's not racist"

Well this is not the tattoo I would get

More Asian-American signing up for the Army - discussed this a little bit with Paddy K. My take is although it is nice of NPR to do a story about Asian-Americans signing up for the Army. It would have be nice if they didn't solely focus on the poor and education factor. Many people sign up to serve and defend their country. Education and security is a benefit of serving our country proudly.


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