Friday, June 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man, everyone is out at the parade for the Stanley Cup all ready to celebrate in the glory of the Blackhawks. Too bad I am inside and cannot attend, but for everyone else HOORAY GO HAWKS! This weekend is kind of up in the air. The lady and I were planning to go boating, however it looks like it is going to be raining for the next ooooohhhhhh month or so! Luckily the World Cup starts today and it is going to be awesome. USA! USA! USA! (three times is the best kind of cheer) I hoping for a hell of a scrap between England and the good ole US of A. We should be able to get out of our group with few bruises, but England is the match that counts. Tomorrow there will be blood on the pitch! (ok not really, but it makes it so much more melodramatic, speaking of melodramatic, we will see a lot of it during the Cup. those soccer pretty boys are a bunch of actors)

Here are your highlights:

Wikileaks founder is being hunted by the U.S.

The new strategy for the GOP's repeal of healthcare: Who needs healthcare anyway?

Oy, England is dooming their economy by reading history wrong. Hooray we aren't the only ones!

Ughh, the New Sally Quinns

During a recession you probably shouldn't be releasing products this fuggin gotti

Why anyone takes John Boehner seriously I do not know

Red Dawn, the "KILL THE COMMIE CHINEESEE!", movie might not be released. Not because of a "liberal conspiracy" like some are claiming, however because the capitalist recession is hitting Red Dawn's studio MGM. Please make it so. This movie should not and hopefully will not be made. The last thing we need is a return to the Yellow Peril nonsense of yesteryear.


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