Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

I figured since I am going to start Insanity why don't I post some insane fashion? Seems like a rationale idea, however I did not expect the ridonkulous I would find. The fashion world sometimes goes too far or tries WAY TOO HARD. Here are a couple of my faves. All images courtesy of The Fashionisto.

Why yes! My arms do needs socks. Perfectly logical.

Warning. This outfit not for those who get queezy staring at 3-D poster-art.

Both rustic and mysterious. This man wields a cardboard ax in a cardboard house. Can we call him Reverse Thor?

Fuzzy haaaat. Fuzzy haaat, what are they feeding you?

I don't know if these designers meant for their "looks" to be mocked, but now that they have I am sure you can chalk it up to me being out of touch or "just not getting it." Riiiiiiight. Have a great weekend ya'll. I'm on a boat!

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